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  • New award/centre recognition

    22nd August 2017

    We recently gained the AHOEC Gold Standard, LOtC Badge and Adventuremark recognition.  The three standards recognise all aspects of our centre provision including safety, the whole learning experience and also the food, cleanliness and standard of accommodation.

  • Trainee Instructor positions (now appointed)

    30th July 2017

    We are now looking for up to two new trainees to join our very successful trainee instructor scheme.  The positions are from 1st January 2018.  Please note we have now appointed for these positions.

  • New minibus

    30th July 2017

    This week we took delivery of our new 17 seat Ford Transit minibus to replace our older blue one.

  • Sailing fleet

    28th April 2017

    We have just taken delivery of our new fleet of Pico sailing boats.  These replace our ageing fleet of RS Fevas.  Next time you are here, depending on the weather, you may have opportunity to take one out for sail.

  • New high ropes element

    28th April 2017

    The “Leap of Faith” our new high ropes element is now in operation.  This new challenge compliments the existing high ropes challenges.

  • Climbing coaching staff training

    18th February 2017

    The tutorial team spent a fun and informative day at Bendrigg Lodge on the 16th February with John Kettle.  John is a climbing coach and had been tasked with sharing ideas about how we could improve children’s movement on rock.  The day was mainly practical with a few theory inputs and we have all come away with lots of ideas about how we can help children gain more from their climbing sessions.  Some of the ideas should also feed into other sessions we run.